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What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the modern version of the traditional telephone closet. The new hosted, or “cloud,” model puts the brains of a phone closet into professionally maintained data centers, helping businesses transform their communications and improve productivity—without the need to purchase expensive, complex, depreciating phone system software and hardware.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) refers to phone services that are accessible through a high quality broadband connection. VoIP is typically more cost effective and scalable than traditional alternatives. With both Hosted PBX and VoIP, your customers can work from the office, home, the road, or through their smartphone—all while utilizing your company’s communications solution, helping to maintain and uplift your image and brand.

What are the Benefits?

Easy to Use & Operate: Our Hosted PBX system is easy to setup, and simple to use. We’ve thoroughly designed it to be user-friendly, while providing our partners with the ability to customize as they see fit—no experience necessary.

Improved Scalability: Hosted PBX doesn’t limit your business’ growth. With a hosted system, you’re able to scale up or down as needed, without the manual labor or wait associated with traditional phone lines.

Flexible and Future Proof: With Hosted PBX, the office is anywhere you need it to be! Customers can access and update their phone system as needed, whether they’re at home, overseas, on the road, or on vacation.

Fully Featured: Hosted PBX and VoIP from CoreDial means you’re getting a feature-rich solution for your business or organization—complete with limitless call routing features and leading application integration, including Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Save Money Upfront: There are no heavy investments to getting started with Hosted PBX. That means customers don’t need to purchase or maintain a cumbersome telephone system for their business.

Save Money Overtime: Hosted PBX systems also cost less to maintain in the long run, lowering monthly phone bills, which makes the system a double threat for customers looking for a cheaper business phone solution that provides serious ROI.


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